Why the Book

About a month before I was released as a bishop, I was alone in my office thinking about the evening’s earlier interviews when the Spirit whispered to me, “You should write a book about repentance.” And I thought, “That would be interesting.” Two months later, without having thought much more about it, I received a stronger impression: “You need to write a book on repentance.”

I had previously searched for a small book that explains repentance and its associated gospel principles in short, easy-to-read chapters that could serve as a guidebook to help individuals repent. I even wondered if it was feasible to make a condensed or shortened version of The Miracle of Forgiveness. But after receiving the second prompting, I immediately started working on His Redeeming Power.

Writing His Redeeming Power has been a wonderful experience, and I have received many impressions and insights from the Spirit. I hope you will find—whether you are young or old, single or married—His Redeeming Power to be a valuable guide on how to repent and a source of encouragement as you seek forgiveness.


Using the Book

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