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His Redeeming Power is a comprehensive, yet concise, doctrinally based guidebook on how to repent. It is divided into three sections: What Is Repentance, Why Repent, and The Conditions of Repentance. The first two sections provide the doctrinal basis for repentance, and the last section covers the conditions individuals must fulfill to receive divine forgiveness.

The purpose of the book is to lead you to the scriptures and to our Savior Jesus Christ. As you read each chapter, take time to ponder the doctrines covered, look up the cited verses, and consider how you can apply what you have learned to your life. And, most importantly, listen to the promptings of the Spirit and follow the instructions you have received.

If you are an ecclesiastical leader, His Redeeming Power can be a useful guide in your responsibility to help members overcome their sins. For example, if you are counseling with individuals on a regular basis, you may, as the Spirit directs, want to assign them to study the principles taught in a particular chapter and to ponder the scriptures found within that chapter prior to your next meeting with them.


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