The Lord promises us that we will be forgiven if we repent. As easy as that sounds, repentance takes more than a simple “I’m sorry.” There are preliminary conditions that must be met, personal actions taken, and consequences enacted for divine forgiveness to come.

Learn how to apply the doctrine of repentance and Christ’s Atonement to their fullest with this peace-bringing book. Written from a bishop’s perspective and in an encouraging and hopeful tone, His Redeeming Power will help you build the foundation that will lead you to being washed clean and made whole.

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“David Fisler has written a compelling book to help us become clean and pure. His book His Redeeming Power: Cleansed on Conditions of Repentance carefully explains each point of the process of repentance and is a much-needed book for your library. The principle of repentance is explained in detail with the power of the Atonement. It is perfect for the teenager and adult. It inspires us to make the mighty change.”

— Ed J. Pinegar

Author of The Temple; A Mighty Change;
and Gethsemane, Golgatha, and the Garden Tomb

His Redeeming Power is an amazing, thought-provoking review of the doctrine of repentance. It is replete with scriptural references and is comprehensive in nature. His Redeeming Power is a marvelous reference source for any member, teacher, or leader in the Church who wants to more fully understand the doctrine of repentance and how it relates to the infinite Atonement and the love the Savior has for everyone.”

— Kenneth A. Ellsworth

Penasquitos California Stake president

“David Fisler has given us a compelling picture of the process of repentance. He draws us into the lives of those who seek forgiveness and makes us eager to seek our own change of heart—for are we not all sinners?”

— Virginia H. Pearce

Author and former counselor
in the Young Women general presidency


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Buy It Now In These Stores
And Everywhere LDS Books Are Sold